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About Us

Artı Detay Architecture Company has been established by Architect Mustafa Necati Gündüz to provide architectural and construction services in Turkey and in the world so far has pioneered many important projects and successes with the intention of developing its place in the globalized architecture industry.

With the qualified staff Artı Detay Architecture Company not only giving architectural services but also gives atmost importance to transfer this knowledge and experience to the new generations. With our respect we are hoping to be with you all of our clients for many years by the projects that add value to the industry.

Mustafa Necati GÜNDÜ
Hakan SEYMENİnşaat Mü
Durmuş KAPOĞLUTeknik Öğ
Elif Sevde Oğ
Uğur ÇİFTÇİTeknik Öğ
Şerife EfeYardımcı
Volkan AvşarMimar
Alican KılınçMimar
Abdulkerim Taşçıİnşaat Teknikeri
Şeyda Temizİnşaat Mühendisi
Özcan Taşçıİnşaat Mühendisi
Yaşar Dilekİnşaat Teknikeri
Akropol İnşaatMecit Ö
Sanabel İnşaatZiyaettin
Murat Özer İnşaatMurat Ö
Ercan Özer İnşaatErcan Ö
Kadir Altun İnşaatKadir
Enart İnşaatÖmer ÇELEBİ
Mescioğlu İnşaat A.ş.Namık Mescioğ
Karnur İnşaat A.ş.İsrafil Karataş
Beta Yapı İnşaat Ltd.Ş
Hane Yapı İnşaat Ltd.Şti.Hakan
Meriç İnşaat Ltd.Şti.Mehmet Meriç
Çelebiler İnşaat Ltd.Şti.Mehmet Ç
Akfem İnşaat Ltd.Ş
Özbeyler İnşaat Ltd.Şti.Özgür Yaşar Ö
Hik Yapı Ltd.Şti.İbrahim
Orhan Özer İnşaat A.ş.Orhan Ö